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Pacific iPad Donation Program

Perhaps you recently purchased the latest model of iPad or received one as a gift, and now your older one is sitting around unused and unwanted, or just plain broken? Do you feel there's just too much hassle to try to sell it on-line, yet know that it would be a shame to just scrap (that is, e-waste) it?  Well, now there's a win-win method to unclutter your household . . . donate your old iPad to Pacific and receive a charitable deduction tax write-off for the fair market value!  Working and repairable iPads can be used by students at Pacific or  within MBUSD.  Please drop off your old iPad(s) to the Pacific front office and receive a signed and dated receipt for the fair market value of your donation.  Donation valuations for a single iPad can range from $50 to $497, depending on model, RAM and condition (blank donation receipt form).