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Lunches - Trash Free Tuesdays

Did you know that Los Angeles County throws away enough trash to fill Dodger Stadium everyday?
Trash Free Tuesdays at Pacific encourages students to bring lunches that don’t generate trash. This is done by using trash free lunch boxes, reusable cloth sandwich or snack bags, or reusable containers. How about a reusable water bottle in lieu of a disposable juice box? Switch from paper napkins to cloth. There are over 50 million students in the U.S. Imagine the trash we could divert if they all switched to trash free lunches!

Lunch Sorting Program:
Volunteers needed: Looking for folks to help out at lunchtime with our Grades of Green Lunch Sorting Program. This program has streamlined our lunch waste and created a “material sorting” assembly line. Lunch trash has gone from 14 bags to 4 half full bags of trash. Over 500 students pass through the lunch area each day. One bin for foodwaste materials, one for liquid, two (full) for recycled materials and 4 (half full) for trash.

As a volunteer you would be responsible for concentrating your help at the beginning of the year to support kids in learning about and figuring out the lunch sorting system. Volunteers would be asked to commit to one day a week for one hour, approximately from 11:20- 12:30. Easy training will be provided. Contact Renee O'Connor.