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April 21, 2019



PACIFIC’S Teacher of the YEAR: We are thrilled to announce that Pacific’s Teacher of the Year is Michele Jordan.  Michele is a talented, creative and intelligent teacher who provides her students with a wide variety of learning experiences.  She encourages independence and supports student growth in problem solving and self-advocacy.  Michele shows great interest in each of her students, as she gets to know them well, she wisely incorporates this knowledge into lessons that are challenging and engaging.  Michele is a constant collaborator and team player.  Her sensitivity to others and sense of humor make Michele a joy to work with and an asset to Pacific.

Congratulations to Michele Jordan you are truly a super star and we are proud to name you as our Pacific Teacher of the Year.


Earth Week – Let’s be green by participating in these Earth Week activities!

  • Monday – Conserve energy by shutting down lights after lunch.
  • Tuesday – Trash Free Tuesday! Bring only reusable containers in your lunch.
  • Wednesday – Walk or Wheel to school and wear blue and green in honor of our planet Earth.
  • Thursday – Campus Clean Up! Take five minutes before or after recess to pick up trash. The class with the most trash will earn a popsicle party!
  • Friday – Listen for eco-tips from your student council members.


April 24th – National Poem in Your Pocket Day


April 25th – Pacific Panther Shopping Day at Pages: Please join us for some reading and shopping at Pages Bookstore in Downtown MB. Who: Pacific Elementary School Students, Family Members, and Friends, What: Fundraiser (in lieu of spring book fair), When: Thursday, April 25th 10:00am-9:00pm, Where: 904 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach. Click HERE for more info and the flyer.


April 25th - What: PACIFIC DINING NITE Where: Lemonade When: Thursday, April 25 2-9 p.m. Why: 20% of proceeds from dine in, take out and online orders goes to Pacific PTA!  Click HERE for more info and the flyer.


April 27th - Yearbook personalized pages are due.  See below for more details.


April 28th – Richstone Pier to Pier Walk


Zone Coverage – 2nd Grade, Schnebly, click HERE to sign up.



Safety First:  Several 1st and 2nd grade parents have been double parking on Pacific Avenue.  This is dangerous and illegal.  The local PD will be coming by to ticket anyone they see doing this.  Remember that we had a pedestrian hit by a car in the fall and we are trying to avoid a child being hit. 

Thank you to Catherine Bae and Shari Strulson for a successful and fun Science Night!  The kids were engaged and having a great time.  Thank you also to the volunteers who helped throughout the evening.  



April 29th – May 3rd – 3rd Grade State Testing


Are you looking for a way to be more active in the Pacific School community? We are looking for chairs for the 2019/2020 school year for the following committees and we’d love for you to be involved. Friendship Walk •Grant Writing •MBEF Site Reps •MCHS Sports Nights •Panther Parties •Parent Party •Pawprints for 4th/5th graders •School Photographer •Science Night •Staff Hospitality •Staff Meeting Hospitality •Yearbook. Please contact us for a detailed description about these positions or if you’d like more information on other general volunteer opportunities. Manjiri Evans: mbbfsu@gmail.comand Jennifer Gale: VPs of Volunteers


HALLOWEEN…IN APRIL?? The Pacific community takes great pride in emphasizing the values of positivity, respect, inclusiveness, dependability and empathy with our staff, parents, and students.  In an effort to be true to our continued mission, Pacific will not encourage nor endorse the 5th grade boys dressing up as cheerleaders and the girls as football players for Halloween. At any time of year, students should not wear costumes that degrade or make fun of other people or group of people, or one that is disrespectful or mimics people in any way related to race, color, religion or creed, national origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or citizenship. Violation of this school policy will result in the student changing into regular school clothes. Thank you for your support.  This will be effective this coming October and forevermore.


There are still several PANTHER PARTIES on sale! Workouts, pedicures, shopping, hair styling, and more! Some are happening this week so be sure to check them out! Note: If you did NOT attend the Parent Party, you WILL need to create an account to purchase a Panther Party. If you have trouble, email Wysh at Click HERE to view.   


If you happen to be at Yogurtland anytime between now and May 31st, mention Pacific to help earn our way to the finish line.  The winning school gets $300! 


Popsicle Incentive Plan - If you find the code word in the eblast, email it  to be entered in the monthly raffle.