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Pacific This Week

January 5, 2020


Zone Coverage – Becker, click HERE to sign up.


January 6th – School Resumes



Safety First: Some of the signs have recently changed to allow for more parking.  Please be sure to read the signs when you are parking on any of our surrounding streets.  

Dear Pacific families,
Thank you so very much for the “Gift of Thanks” that so many of you contributed to online. We are very appreciative of the generous donations from our Pacific families.
From our Pacific family to yours, we hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with family, relaxation, fun and no homework.
See you on Monday,
Susie, Caryn, Sharon, Rhonda
And our entire Pacific staff

During this past quarter, Pacific Elementary earned $253 from Amazon Smile.  To date, we have made $4,413!   If you do not yet have “Pacific Elementary” as your charity of choice, please click HERE.  If you use the Amazon app regularly, click HERE to see how to make your purchases still count for Pacific Elementary.  


MBEF Participation %’s

Abrams, Sondra 71%   Fulton,Dawn 50%
Patterson,Lanissa 75%   Stern,Laurie 77%
Sanders,Emily 75%   Diamond/Murphy 57%
Wallace,Katie 52%   Jordan, Michele 73%
Kinder Total 68%   3rd Total 64%
Becker,Rhonda 58%   Brown,Kathleen 67%
Cameron,Gelane 54%   Cook,Amy 76%
Rech,Megan 75%   Felix, Miranda 76%
Johnson, Megan 67%   Witlen,Cailin 85%
1st Total 64%   4th Total 76%
Lautanen,Michelle 68%   Henderson,Morgan 61%
Lim,Nancy 64%   Hubbard,Stephanie 52%
Schnebly,Nanci 64%   Stelter,Susan 58%
Huckabay, Nina 80%   5th Total 57%
2nd Total 69%   Grand Total 67%

Haven’t had a chance to donate yet?  Click HERE to donate OR pledge.  Pledges DO count towards class percentages!!!! 

Frustrated by helping your child with their math homework?  We will be hosting 3 workshops which will provide specific strategies of how to work through math problems like our students do everyday.  Sign ups are now available.  Space is limited.  This is a free event organized by the PTA and in collaboration with our incredible teachers.  
The Pantherthon is coming up soon.  It’s one of our largest fundraisers of the year! See News and Announcements for more details.