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Getting To and From School



Parents, please encourage your child to walk to and from school with a buddy or a parent. It is proven that walking helps improve academic ability, creates a healthy life style, helps our environment and reduces congestion around our school.

Every Wednesday is “Walk to School Wednesday”.  Please make this a tradition in your household.

If your child walks to school, please share these safety tips with him or her.  Please teach your child:

Not to talk to strangers;
The safest route to school;
The meaning of traffic lights;
To walk, not run, across the street;
To walk directly to and from school;
To use the crosswalk and always look both ways; and
To follow the directions of the crossing guards. The City of Manhattan Beach assigns crossing guards to busy intersections.


Third through fifth grade students, with parent permission, may ride bicycles/scooters to and from school.  A child who rides a vehicle to school should:

Always wear and buckle your safety helmet;
Know the safest route to and from school;
Learn the laws of bike riding;
Use the bike racks outside of Mrs. Steinberg’s office to lock your bike/scooter.
Bicycles/scooters are to be walked when crossing the street and at all times on the school grounds.  Students who do not walk their bicycles/scooters may lose the privilege of bringing them to school.

The school is not responsible for missing bicycles/scooters. Please be logical and lock your personal bikes/scooters in the bike rack.

Skateboards, roller blades and shoes with wheels are NOT allowed on campus.

Parents, please note that children who ride bikes are required to wear a bicycle safety helmet.


The Panther Valet Service is designed to protect the safety of our children, create a predictable traffic flow, and prevent blocked streets for all the residents of Pacific. 

The Panther Valet Service is located in two areas at Pacific: 

“The Zone” on 14th Street (behind the front of the school)
Pacific Avenue (south of the 17th Street stop sign).   

If you use the drop-off/pick-up lane, please drop-off and pick-up your children only in The ZONE at the 14th and John Street cul-de-sac behind the cafeteria.  When using the cul-de-sac, please have your children ready to leave the car when you reach the driveway into the school.  Please help to keep the line moving so that all the children will reach their classrooms safely and on time.  Especially 4th and 5th graders, please consider using the gate at Center Field on Poinsettia Avenue.  There is a new white loading zone for your convenience.  Use that area to drop off your children and they can then safely walk up the sidewalks or across the field to school.

A no-stop policy in The ZONE has been established for pick-up.  This means cars will not be allowed to stop unless a child is entering the vehicle.  If your child has not been released from class and is not waiting for you at The ZONE, you must drive through and allow other cars to pull up.  In other words, there is no incentive to come early and park your car in the pick-up lane. 

The parking spaces in front of the school on Pacific Avenue are for staff only.  Volunteers may park on campus at the parking lot on 17th Street west of Center Field. 


Kindergartners are dismissed at the gate in the Zone and the gate from the Kindergarten playground.


Students participating in approved field trips must be transported to and from the activity on district-authorized bus transportation.  Students may not participate in a field trip unless a Parent Permission Form has been signed by the parent and returned to the school.  Parents providing additional supervision for the field trip are encouraged to ride the bus as well.

All Pacific Expectations will be followed during Field Trips. Students should utilize the PBIS and District Policy & Education Code.

Additionally, cell phone use is prohibited and cell phones will be confiscated by the classroom teacher.