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Artists in Residence

The Pacific Artists in Residence program provides 10-week dance & performing arts workshops to grades K-5 and is part of a MBUSD districtwide initiative. Each grade level workshop culminates with a performance where students demonstrate mastery of specific skills for parents and teachers. Workshops are taught by professional teaching artists and each grade is taught a different art form rooted in California State Visual and Performing Arts standards and linked to curriculum.

This program supports the Manhattan Beach Unified School District objective that all elementary school students be exposed to the dance and theatre disciplines of the CA State VAPA standards. Performing arts education also supports the mission of Pacific Elementary School by enriching students' educational experiences and encouraging connections between the arts and academics.

Learning by experiencing movement, music, performance and visual storytelling builds understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, history and individual expression and brings classroom teachings to life.

Pacific Cultural Arts Program Workshops

Kindergarten: The Three Piggy Opera
Objective: To introduce theatrical/musical terms, encourage performance voices

Grade 1: Pantomime
Objective: To learn effective non-verbal communication and storytelling techniques through pantomime

Grade 2: Irish Dance
Objective: To learn, practice, and perform Irish dance and learn about the culture and history of Ireland 

Grade 3: Public Speaking and Improvisational Dance 
Objective of public speaking is to study communication essentials, like eye contact, tone, volume, inflection and gestures and the performance aspect of speaking to masses. Objective of Improvisational Dance is to learn to use imagination, creativity and  self-expression, while developing skills that are building blocks of all movement and dance activities, such as proper alignment, patterns, tempo, and special awareness. 

Grade 4: Mexican, Spanish and Russian Dance
Objective: To learn the dance traditions of Russian, Mexican and Spanish immigrants who settled California in the 1800's, tying the workshops to the Social Studies curriculum of California History

Grade 5: Urban Contemporary Dance
Objective: To make connections between West African dance forms and Hip Hop, and learn rhythm, history and storytelling. To offer self-conscious, adolescent students an opportunity to express themselves in a constructive, healthy and artistic way

The Pacific Cultural Arts program is part of a rich arts program at Pacific School that includes:

  • Cultural Arts Workshops
  • Young at Art (YAA)
  • Choral Music (1st & 2nd Grade)
  • Music (Band & String Instruments) & Choral Music (3rd, 4th and 5th grade)

These workshops are made possible by a generous grant from Supervisor Don Knabe, together with our Pacific PTA and the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF).