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Artists in Residence

The Pacific Artists in Residence program provides 10-week dance & performing arts workshops to grades TK-5 and is part of a MBUSD districtwide initiative. Each grade level workshop culminates with a performance where students demonstrate mastery of specific skills for parents and teachers. Workshops are taught by professional teaching artists and each grade is taught a different art form rooted in California State Visual and Performing Arts standards and linked to curriculum.

This program supports the Manhattan Beach Unified School District objective that all elementary school students be exposed to the dance and theatre disciplines of the CA State VAPA standards. Performing arts education also supports the mission of Pacific Elementary School by enriching students' educational experiences and encouraging connections between the arts and academics.

Learning by experiencing movement, music, performance and visual storytelling builds understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, history and individual expression and brings classroom teachings to life.

Pacific Cultural Arts Program Workshops

TK: The Ball That Stuck Out Its Tongue

Kindergarten: Rainbow Fish
Objective: Students will learn and work on projection, diction, character physicality,
spatial awareness, memorization, blocking, choreography, and singing. In addition to these
various skills, they will also be learning inclusion, letting their differences shine, sharing,
empathy, problem-solving, teamwork, hard work, and gain self-confidence all while having

Grade 1: Pantomime
Objective: To learn effective non-verbal communication and storytelling techniques
through pantomime.

Grade 2: Irish Dance
Objective: To learn, practice, and perform Irish dance and learn about the culture and
history of Ireland.

Grade 3: Square And Circle Dances (Los Machetes, Virginia Reel, Big Circle)
Objective: To learn about the culture, work, traditions, and lifestyle of those who settled
Western America and how their traditions influenced the creation of new dances; and to
learn, practice, and perform the elements and principles of dance as an art form. 

Grade 4: International Folk Dance (India, Japan, South Africa, United States)
Objective: To learn about the culture, traditions, and lifestyles of people from other parts
of the world (India, Japan, South Africa, and the U.S.) and how those aspects influence the
creation of their dances; and to learn, practice, and perform the elements and principles of

Grade 5: Urban Contemporary Dance
Objective: To make connections between West African dance forms and Hip Hop and
learn rhythm, history, and storytelling. To offer older elementary students an
opportunity to express themselves in a constructive, healthy, and artistic way.

The Pacific Cultural Arts program is part of a rich arts program at Pacific School that includes:

  • Cultural Arts Workshops
  • Young at Art (YAA)
  • Choral Music (1st & 2nd Grade)
  • Music (Band & String Instruments) & Choral Music (3rd, 4th and 5th grade)

These workshops are made possible by a generous grant from Supervisor Don Knabe, together with our Pacific PTA and the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF).