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Volunteer at Pacific


All volunteers must be able to keep their commitments to the classroom teacher. In order for a parent to be an effective classroom volunteer, the teacher must be confident that the parent will participate in and support the classroom activities and will maintain confidentiality regarding individual children’s progress.  Please do not bring younger siblings to the classroom with you.  Parents who volunteer to supervise students on campus or field trips are asked to monitor all students at all times.  Praise good behavior and correct any inappropriate behavior.  Parents are required not to use their cell phones while supervising children.

School Board policy requires that all visitors follow the procedures below when on campus. These procedures were developed in consideration of the children’s best interests: to ensure their safety while on campus and the continuity of their educational program.

  1. All classroom volunteers and visitors must sign in the office and wear the Volunteer Badge provided by the school office for identification.
    All volunteers and visitors MUST:
    Check in at the office with your Driver’s License
    A badge will be created for you with your photo on it
    Once you receive your badge, you can enter campus through the back door of the office only
    When leaving, you will check out at the office and give back your badge
  2. Anyone wishing to visit the school or classrooms may make an appointment with the Principal.  Classroom visits are limited to 30 minutes.
  3. Because of the demands of California Content Standards, younger brothers or sisters and students from other schools are not permitted to accompany our students to school to visit or to spend the day in our classrooms.
  4. All volunteers must respect the confidentiality of student achievement & behavior (Family Rights & Privacy Act/ Education Code 49063.)
  5. The parking spaces in front of the school on Pacific Avenue are for staff only.  Volunteers may park on campus at the parking lot on 17th Street west of Center Field.