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Run Club

Remember to sign up for our Remind texts so we can notify you of changes and special events! 


WHO?  Open to all students, grades K through 5th, and staffed by parent volunteers. 

WHY?  Our goal is to build an early sense of the importance of fitness, self-discipline, and a sense of accomplishment.   We all know how important exercise is, but it is also extremely beneficial for children to “wake up” their brains before school!

WHEN?  Run Club will meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7:40am at the upper playground and athletes will run from 7:45-8:05am.   For those in 'late bird' (1st graders ), you can arrange with other parents to share supervision of the children for the gap between end of Run Club and start of school (kids will need to be very quiet playing). 

HOW?  Runners will pick up their Run Club card at the upper playground when they arrive (early arrival is recommended).  Running cards contain students name, Run Club number, teacher and bar code.  Cards are arranged by grade (each grade has a different color wrist band).

Runners will start when the whistle blows at 7.45am.  As the runners complete a lap, they will pass by a parent with a digital scanner and the lap will be recorded.  At 8:05am, kids will replace their run cards onto the tables with their grade.  


Announcements will be made weekly for recognition and you can check the Run Club display case for updates and pictures of our runners. 

STRIDETRACK:  Pacific Elementary will be using StrideTrack® to allow parents to access their child’s progress online. Monitor your child's progress by: Logging in using your home computer: 1. Connect to 2. Choose Current Members, Login 3. In the input box, enter the student runner ID, Login Logging in using Apple IPad or IPhone: 1. Download free StrideTrack® app from ITunes App Store 2. In the input box, enter the student runner ID, Login!

VOLUNTEERS:  We are looking for parent volunteers to help with set-up, check-in and handing out popsicles after school on Wednesdays.  Please contact Jen or Nicole if you are interested.

NEW THIS YEAR:  To track your child’s progress please download our new app  STRIDETRACK or on your computer.  Enter your child's permanent ID number from the Aeries Portal -  

SPECIAL REMINDERS:  You can receive text/emails for rain cancellations and other important Run Club events by signing up for Remind messages. To receive messages via text, text @pacificrun to 81010.  To receive email updates, send an email to  To learn more visit the Remind website

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS:  Do we need to register? No, just show up at 7:40/7:45 and you will receive a badge with your child's name so we can tally their laps.  If they aren't registered, they will still run and we will produce their badge for the following day.

Can my little brother / sister run?  Of course, although they might not get official badges.  We welcome all ages, bring your parents too!

How do you mark laps?  We are using a management tracker called STRIDE TRACK.  Yes, we have scanner guns to make this official!!  You can download the app, put in your child's number, and as soon as we download each day - you will see your child's progress!

Can I start late and/or finish early?  Although we would prefer everyone starts on time, we realize some children will arrive late which is not a problem!  Have them grab their badge and start running!

SPECIAL PROGRAM - KIDS HELPING KIDS:  The first marathon a child runs during Run Club, we will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need at our sister school in Lawndale.  The marathoner will receive special recognition at Assembly and the great pride in helping others!  

Thank you again for your support – we are looking forward to another incredible year!!

Click below to watch a video of Pacific Panthers and other Manhattan Beach Elementary school students paying it forward to help kids in need:

Password: payitforward

Questions, please contact Jen Temperley or Nicole Stoddard.