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Pacific After School Enrichment (PASE) Program


REMINDER: There will be no classes on November 5-8 due to the minimum day schedule. Our last day of this session is Monday, December 17.

To the parents of students in Flag Football: Game Day will be held on December 12, our last day of class, at 2:20 pm on the Upper Field.

To the parents of students in Musical Theatre: The showcase of Incredibles 2 will be held on December 13, our last day of class, at 3:00 pm in the Cafeteria for family and friends.

To the parents of students in Cooking for Kids: Join us on December 17, our last day of class, at 3:40 pm in the Cafeteria for Kid Restaurant.

Please adhere to Pacific's safety rules and etiquette when picking up at the Zone after PASE. Do not leave your car unattended while in the Zone.


FALL SESSION: September 24 - December 17, 2018

Each family is required to create an account prior to registration.

Enrollment process: When enrolling online, you will receive a receipt. This is NOT a confirmation of final enrollment in the class chosen. Confirmation is dependent on sufficient enrollment and a class may be canceled or adjusted. Confirmation lists and procedure info will be emailed to parents prior to the beginning of the session. If you have questions regarding a specific class, you may contact Sharon Mualem.

Session fees: $230 - 10 week session. Note: Select classes have different fees. See registration listing.

No Classes: November 5-9 (Minimum day schedule), November 12 (Make up on December 17), and November 19-23 (Thanksgiving Break).

EDP: If your child attends EDP, his/her after school enrichment schedule will be carefully coordinated with the EDP staff to ensure that students are escorted by the PASE staff to/from EDP as required.

Supervision: Parents are not expected to return to school after dismissal if there is time between dismissal and the enrichment class, with the exception of a Kinder enrolled in a 3:00 class. There is no supervision for this eventuality. All other students are supervised at all times within the Snacktivity period and any other early block of time until class begins.

Kinder Only Classes: Specific information will be available online along with class confirmation before the start date of the session for kindergarten students enrolled in the 1:35 class on Monday and Tuesday. Kinders will be picked up from their classrooms right after Kindergarten dismissal for a snack and then escorted to their enrichment class. Kinder students are also able to enroll in 3:00 classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. However, supervision is not provided until 2:15 unless students are also enrolled in the earlier 1:35 class. Students enrolled in Wednesday 1:50 classes will be picked up at their classrooms at dismissal and escorted to their enrichment class. Students at EDP will be picked up by PASE staff at 2:15 for 3:00 classes.

Reporting to Classes: Our Snacktivity location is the tables outside of the Cafeteria. Students grades 1-5 will report to the tables outside of the Cafeteria immediately following classroom dismissal. FIRST WEEK ONLY: FIRST GRADERS (early and late birds) will be picked up at their classrooms and escorted to the Snacktivity location by PASE staff. Beginning week two, these students will walk to the tables outside of the Cafeteria on their own.

Pick Up: Pick up is at the Cafeteria tables/Zone. There is no dismissal from the class location. Students who are meeting parents at the Zone carpool line must notify PASE staff before leaving the school grounds. If your child has permission to walk or bike home alone, this must be indicated on the registration forms. These students also must check out with PASE staff. Do not leave your car unattended in the Zone. If you are picking up at the snack area, please park on the street outside of the Zone.

Procedures for Non Pacific Students: MBUSD students from other schools should report to the Snacktivity location (the tables outside of the Cafeteria) for check in. Parents may drive through The Zone at 14th Street and John or park on the street for drop off and pick up.

Rainy Day Schedule: We will meet in the Cafeteria after school on all rainy days when and if it is available. We will use the Art Room if the Cafeteria is not available. PASE staff will be at the outside lunch tables immediately following classroom dismissal to direct students to an indoor location. Our regular procedures of reporting for PASE activities will remain the same. Outdoor classes will have indoor instruction during rainy days.

Ongoing communication: Please continue to check under “Programs” and for program updates and general info. For questions, please contact Sharon Mualem, on-site Sr. Program Coordinator, at or 310-502-4629.