Pacific Elementary School

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Congratulations to Pacific’s 4th grade Odyssey of the Mind team

The team competed in a spontaneous problem and a long term problem. The latter focused on creatively solving the "Mystery of the Lost City of Atlantis" incorporating a detective, super villain, clues, intellectual battles with deductive reasoning, sound effects, scene changes, having all the props stored in one box of specific measurements --all under eight minutes.  The team has been practicing since September. They are coached by Michelle Lautanen, Pacific Elementary Second Grade teacher.

Some may ask “What is Odyssey of the Mind?” Imagine a combination of theater and problem solving with a creative twist. Through the writing of original scripts, the creation of costumes, props, scenery, and technical elements, teams of students work together to produce incredible solutions to creative problems while thinking “Beyond the Box!” Students with talents in many areas find a unique opportunity to showcase their gifts in script writing, costume creation, music, dance, visual arts, props and scenery construction, engineering, problem solving, leadership, critical thinking, and more!